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Jorns ERC Consultants

I am an Independent ERC Consultant for Jorns & Associates, the nations largest CPA firm that specializes 100% on helping businesses file for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC), which was part of the 2020 CARES Act passed by congress and included the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP loans).

Jorns & Associates has over 430 CPAs, Tax Attorneys, Forensic accountants and staff members that are fully dedicated to helping businesses take advantage of this valuable Gov’t program, and provides clients a No-Risk opportunity to determine whether they qualify and for exactly how much. Of the 13,000+ businesses Jorns has filed for, they have obtained the highest published average refund per employee; $21,000. They also have filed for over $7Billion in ERC for their clients, averaging $567,000 per client. To this date, 100% have been approved without additional requirements from the IRS.

Jorns invested over $2Million in a proprietary software program that helps eliminate human error in the significant number of calculations involved, and it also allows them to use incomes not used in the calculations of the PPP loans to obtain higher ERC refunds, through Wage Balancing. Ernst & Young (#3 CPA firm in the U.S.) was so impressed, they requested to meet with Jorns for an overview. I can’t say whether they are having Jorns do this work for their clients, as that information has not been shared, but they operate on a contingency basis, so unless they recover funds for their clients, they pay nothing.

These fully refundable tax credits are paid by check(s) (up to 6 of them, 1 per the 6 quarters involved), from the U.S. Treasury, and this is not a loan, you don’t have to pay this money back. The company may also use these funds at their full discretion; no strings attached. The only “catch”? You must file in order to receive the ERC, and filing for the 2020 quarters ends 4/15/2024.

If you want only the very finest representation handling this important work for you, you can find no better organization than Jorns & Associates, that’s just a fact. Jorns supports their clients with the strongest assurances in the industry, including a $1Million Errors & Omissions policy per quarterly amended return, and 5 years of Audit Protection by their CPAs and Tax Attorneys. Jorns specializes in this program, which has over 100 pages of rules and guidance from the IRS. Unfortunately, most accountants/CPAs are simply not familiar enough with this complex program to offer the highest level of expertise, as it is not their full time focus. This is why on average, other firms obtain only $5k- $15 per employee, and Jorns averages 15-30% more per employee. In addition, it is very likely you may have been told that you don’t qualify. Over 95% of Jorns clients didn’t believe they actually did qualify, until Jorns did the No-Risk analysis for them.  The decision on who to use is clear; the only question is, do you want these funds?

If you have further questions, please send me an email for a prompt response, and go get these funds! It could have a significant impact on the prosperity of your organization.

Thank you,

Brian Dickson