Sewer Line Replacement

Location Warrenton, OR (map)
Zone Zone 6 - Oregon Coast
Bid Date 11/21/2023 2:00 pm
Prebid Date 11/09/2023 12:00 am


Scope of Work: 1. Thoroughly De-scale existing pipe of roots and debris. 2. Excavate a 3-foot-deep by 5-foot-wide trench to access 4-inch cast iron pipe to be replaced. 3. Remove 4-inch cast iron pipe to gain access as necessary to install cured in place pipe replacement. 4. Ensure proper rounding of existing pipe in order to re-line without divots or sagging areas. 5. Install 150 feet of cured in place pipe replacing approximately 150 feet of failing 4-inch cast iron pipe. 6. Install 4-inch...

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