Lane Forest Products

Contact Mark Higson
Phone 541-345-9085
Fax 541-461-2427
Mailing Address 2111 Prairie Road
Eugene, OR 97402 (map)
Category Erosion Control
Material Sales
Rock Quarry
Trash Service
Divisions CSI Div 1 (General Requirements)
CSI Div 4 (Masonry)
CSI Div 31 (Earthwork)
CSI Div 32 (Exterior Improvements)
CCB Number 7762

Manufacturer and Supplier of landscape products and services (Bark Mulches, Soil Amendments, Planting Soils, Potting Soils, Gravel/Sand, and specialty rocks); Delivery, Blower, Semi-load,  or you-haul; Flagstone, boulders, building stones, manufactured pavers & building blocks, and all types of decorative rock; Drop Box services for construction waste and recycling, home demolition, property cleanup, and yard debris & soil removal; full service retail plant nursery; Grinding and screening services.