The Eugene Builders Exchange was founded by A.L. Holland in 1948. It became a not-for-profit corporation in 1950. Mr. Holland continued to be the secretary/manager until July, 1951. The Board of Directors has been running the Eugene Builders Exchange from 1950 to present day. Our membership has increased from 200 members in 1954 to 530 members in 2001.

EBE is constantly improving its facilities and accommodations for its members. We’ve moved from a single copy machine, typewriter, and mimeograph to the current setup of two regular copy machines, two full size monochrome plan copiers, 1 full size color plan copier, 2 scanners, five computers. Our present facility is more than four times the size of the original location.

During our seventy-three year existence, the Exchange has had eight managers.

A.L. Holland 1948-1951
Donis Mainwaring 1951-1953
Sally Sparks 1953-1958
Marge Brunton 1958-1985
Linda Stumbaugh 1986-1989
Karin Pollara 1989-1997
Linda Stumbaugh 1998-2013
Jeremy Moritz 2013 to present