EC Company

Contact Steve Babcock
Phone 541-666-6979
Mailing Address 2121 NW Thurman Street
Portland, OR 97210 (map)
Category Electrical
Fire Alarm/Protection
Low Voltage/Data/Fiber Optic
Divisions CSI Div 13 (Special Construction)
CSI Div 16 (Electrical)
CSI Div 17 (Instrumentation)
CSI Div 25 (Integrated Automation)
CSI Div 26 (Electrical)
CSI Div 27 (Communications)
CSI Div 28 (Electronic Safety Security)
CSI Div 48 (Electric Power Generation)
CCB Number 49737

EC Electric is the largest privately held electrical contracting company in the Pacific Northwest. EC specializes in designing and installing medium voltage and low voltage electrical systems in four areas: Construction, Technical Systems, 24/7 Service, and Energy Solutions.

Visions and Values

  • Integrity- Creating respectful, honorable, principled solutions even in difficult moments.
  • Safety- Zero injuries, safe work environments.
  • Quality-Superior craftsmanship.
  • Equity- Fairness, opportunity and inclusions for every employee.
  • Fulfillment- Promoting employee empowerment.
  • Profitability- Planning and efficient execution of quality work.