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ANNUAL: $200 (Initiation fee $50)
Includes: Receive weekly newsletter, advertise in our weekly newsletter for a nominal fee. There is no access to projects either at the Exchange or online. This membership does NOT qualify for health insurance.
ANNUAL: $350.00 SEMI‐ANNUAL: $200.00 QUARTERLY: $110.00 (Initiation fee $100)
Includes: 24 hour limited access to the EBE online plan center, advertising in our weekly newsletter for a nominal fee, full use of the EBE plan center and checking out plans. This membership does qualify for health insurance.
ANNUAL: $650.00 SEMI‐ANNUAL: $350.00 QUARTLY: $185.00 (Initiation fee $100)
Includes: 24 hour full access to the EBE online plan center(access to view plans, specs, addenda), advertising in our weekly newsletter for a nominal fee, full use of the EBE plan center and checking out plans. This membership does qualify for health insurance.

Please read the following documents before submitting your application: You may also download your application, and mail, email or fax it back:

Company Profile

Names of applicant firms are published in the weekly newsletter and applications are presented for approval to the Board of Directors which meets the second Tuesday of each month. Temporary access will be granted until final approval is made. If the Board of Directors rejects application, access will be terminated. Membership will be suspended if dues and/or copy billings are over 60 days' delinquent. A $25 late fee will be assessed every month until delinquency is paid in full. After 90 days' delinquency, membership will be canceled. Reinstatement will include the appropriate dues plus the $100 initiation fee. Any dues paid in advance shall be forfeited by the withdrawing member and the withdrawing member shall remain responsible for any dues or financial obligations owed to the corporation.
*****Our dues are based on a calendar year. Please call to get a pro‐rated amount before sending in money.
Membership of the EBE is exclusive to its members only. Any sharing of usernames and passwords to anyone outside of the member's organization is prohibited. If unauthorized access is used, membership will be canceled immediately. Membership dues are billed out on an annual, semi‐annual and quarterly basis. Any reprographics or advertising charges will be billed on a monthly basis.
All information contained at the EBE, whether online, the weekly newsletter or in the facility is obtained from sources deemed reliable. However, we assume no responsibility for the accuracy of any information. It is the duty and responsibility of each member to do their due diligence to make sure that all information is accurate for bidding purposes. We encourage all members to contact the EBE to report any errors or inaccuracies. This helps the EBE be as accurate has possible.
I hereby certify that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and that, if accepted by the Board of Directors for membership, I will abide by the house rules and by‐laws of the Eugene Builders Exchange.